Digital Maker Collective and the Tate Exchange

It was a fantastic launch party last night (16 June 2016) at the new Tate Modern, there’s clearly a great sense of excitement and new beginnings in how we participate and experience the arts.  

Boxing Day at Plough Lane Edited Highlights 1998

Still from a exhibition of film at Triangle space at Chelsea College of the Arts 14 - 18 December 2015

Video has been edited in the style of 'Match day highlights although in an empty stadium' the defunct abandoned old home of Wimbledon Football Club on Plough Lane, SW19. See video here

MakerSpace for Open Practice DeL 2015

University of the Arts London (UAL) has led the field in open education & digital literacies activities & projects in arts subjects over the past eight years, mostly through external or part funded projects[i].

Morley and me

I’m interested in the tensions between copying and appropriation in arts practice and its relationships to identity. Malcolm Morley is a painter well known for appropriating found imagery such as photographs, post cards and posters etc. For this painting I wanted to explore the concept of the original by appropriating part of a Morley’s work, from a section of a mass-produced poster of ‘Coronation and Beach Scene’.


A drawing by L S Lowry, Man in bowler hat, hangs next to Glasgow Docks (a classic Lowry painting) in an alcove of an Ing Bank meeting room. In my painting, The Boat, I wanted to create a similar juxtaposition. It was inspired by Lowry’s general style of painting and drawing, and by the particular sense of isolation and emptiness of Man in bowler hat and simplicity of Glasgow Docks.


Haydons 'Pleasure in Labour'